Brian Eno/Dan Flavin

16 June - 25 August 2023

I’ve always loved loudspeakers, just as things. Before I joined Roxy Music and when I was in the band in the beginning I used to buy up old loudspeakers and make new cabinets out of them. I loved seeing how I could change the sound by making the cabinet a different shape. I thought why don’t we make speakers like a little event, they’re like flowers. And the sound in ‘Filpendula’ like early versions I made is very distant. 

I had ‘Filopendula’ sitting in the corner at my studio, and I would sit here and work on my own at night, it seemed to open up the room to the outside world, it gives that feeling that you’re no longer in a box separated from everything else. 'Brian Eno In Conversation with Paul Stolper ' 2023

"By the mid 1970s I was starting to develop a kind of music that I called Ambient music, which was really an attempt to make music that was more like painting. So, it was a kind of music that pretty much stayed in one place and didn’t tell you a story: it was a kind of atmosphere or condition that you could enter and leave when you wanted".
Brian Eno 2021 ‘Reflected’. Brian Eno at the National Gallery of Umbria