Paul Stolper Gallery is a contemporary London art gallery and a leading publisher of contemporary editions. Established in 1998, the gallery works directly with artists to publish limited edition prints and sculptures while also running an exhibition programme in the gallery throughout the year.


Milestone exhibitions have included Damien Hirst's ‘Schizophrenogenesis’ 2014 installation; scaled up medicine bottles, boxes, ampoules, syringes, scalpel, and pills that all play with concepts of scale, combining to form an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ playground of pharmaceuticals, 'The Souls' 2010  installation consisting of 140 foil block butterfly prints, and 'New Religion' 2005; an installation of prints, sculptures, and painting.  Others include Marcus Harvey’s ‘Half Nelson’ 2018, Mat Collishaw’s ‘Urban Legends’ 2018, Brian Eno’s ‘Light Music’ 2016, Gavin Turk's 'Transit Disaster' 2012, Peter Saville and Anna Blessmann's 'In Course of Arrangement',  Angus Fairhurst 'Unprinted' 2014, Don Brown's 'Yoko' 2012, and Keith Coventry's 'Copper + Silk' 2009.


Individual publications include Jeremy Deller’s seminal screenprint ‘History of the World’ (1998), the basis for the wall painting at his Turner Prize winning exhibition at Tate Britain (2004), the ‘Venice’ 2009, ‘Paris’ 2011 and ‘London’ 2012 Suites by Sir Peter Blake, 'Snap' 2011 including Cerith Wyn Evans, Sarah Lucas, Abigail Lane, Juergen Teller amongst others.


Works published by the gallery have been included in the following collections: Government Art Collection, Tate Britain, British Council, MoMA New York and Arts Council.