Editions II : Group Show Of Limited Editions

8 September - 8 October 2011

Opening September 8th 2011, Paul Stolper Gallery in London will exhibit ‘Editions II’ a selection of recent limited edition prints from its staple of internationally established artists as well as introducing new editions from its young, burgeoning artists. The various prints, published by Paul Stolper Gallery from 2006-2011, are to be exhibited in tandem with the launch of Paul Stolper’s latest publication, Editions II. Featuring the works of Peter Blake, Keith Coventry, John Dove & Molly White, Magne F, Susie Hamilton, Damien Hirst, Rachel Howard, Jim Medway, Peter Saville and Gavin Turk, Editions II defines the creative trajectory of Paul Stolper Gallery in the last 5 years and celebrates its exceptional output in a beautifully illustrated catalogue.  The exhibition in total also envisages more of what is to come: dramatic, challenging and different print publications from its expanding group of artists collaborating with Paul Stolper today.