In The Flesh : Group Exhibition

29 June - 28 August 2011

Paul Stolper Gallery is pleased to announce In the Flesh featuring paintings, drawings and sculptures by Darren Coffield, Shaun Doyle & Mally Mallinson, Susie Hamilton and Andrew Hollis. The exhibition is on view at Paul Stolper Gallery from June 30th to August 27th 2011. Engaging with traditional mediums and materials such as bronze sculptures and painting, In the Flesh is, by contrast, contemporaneous in its modern content, vernacular and subject matter. The exhibition proposes a composite interchange between the artists’ various interpretations and malformations of the human figure, some sensual, some humorous and others grotesque. From an art-historical standpoint, the exhibition presents the following specific challenges: the traditional and time-honoured depiction of contemporary life - specifically urban or suburban, and the continued practice of deconstructing the figure to reflect its dialogue with modern media, image-making and our absorption of images in day to day life.