Keith Coventry: JUNK

1 May - 6 June 2015

Keith Coventry's 'Junk' is a portfolio of nine prints, 5 etchings and 4 lithographs. The series depicts highly detailed segments of the McDonald’s logo, the etchings in minimalist colours in of yellow, red and blue, the lithographs in black and white. Fragments of the crumpled remnants of McDonalds wrappers are cropped and positioned within the rectangle of the print in such a way that they become iconic constructivist compositions.  In these prints, he conveys an enduring interest in the dark side of idealism: urban decay and mass consumerism.  Coventry says of the series, “I have always been interested in hard, clear, and repeatable images, rather than an atmospheric quality. The color is provided by the McDonald’s logo, and the white or blank space represents a purity, edging out the commercial image in favor of a more abstract composition.”