TANYA LING : Land Escape

21 November 2018 - 10 January 2019

Paul Stolper Gallery is pleased to announce 'Land Escape', a solo exhibition of new prints and sculptures by Tanya Ling. Printed by K2 Screen and published by Paul Stolper, Ling has named the silkscreen prints after the English cities and towns she lived and grew up in as a child and teenager; 'Darley Dale', 'Nottingham', 'Sheffield', 'Clacton-on-Sea' and 'Southsea'. The sculptures have been made using Zimmer frames, tile adhesive and

polystyrene blocks.


The dripping line motifs of the five new two-colour silkscreen prints were made in the same way that Ling creates her large scale ink on paper Line Paintings. The group of five join two pre-existing single colour silkscreen prints 'Aoueilles Positf' and 'Aoueilles Négatif' and in doing so add to a growing offering of Line Painting Prints. Ling's flowing brush work is powerful, beautiful, strong and tender all at once. The colour palette of each print and their associated place name titles add a hidden narrative and an intrigue to an abstract and expressive panel. For instance Ling utilises a palette of punk pink and black for ‘Sheffield’ and flat mid blue line on a chamomile lotion flesh tone for ‘Clacton-on-Sea’ and two tones of blood red for ‘Nottingham’ that might suggest something of the drama that accompanied her formative years following her parents peripatetic way of life.


The collection of sculptures have something of Cy Twombly about them and are constructed in the most rudimentary way possible. The materials and construction methodology have allowed for an uninhibited and liberating freedom and act as a counterpoint to the perfection of the prints.


Born in Calcutta in 1966, Tanya Ling is an artist whose career has encompassed the art world and fashion industry. She makes paintings, sculptures, drawings and photographs. Ling studied at Central Saint Martin’s and worked in Paris as a designer before returning to London to open a gallery with her husband William Ling in 1990. She has made fashion drawings for numerous clients including Louis Vuitton and Vogue and has produced

her own ready-to-wear collection. In 2011 the V&A acquired over 50 of her drawings. Recent exhibitions include 'Tanya Ling', The Mayor Gallery, London, 2018; 'Simulation/Skin: Selected works from the Murderme collection', Newport Street Gallery, London, 2017; 'Sculptures', Darbyshire Framemakers, London, 2015.