Shaun Doyle & Mally Mallinson

Doyle and Mallinson’s practice deals directly with political, social and historical issues by utilising an eclectic mix of cultural references. Characterised by a second-hand aesthetic, the materials used are often salvaged from other sources, bringing with them their own history. Looking beyond what is first-hand, Doyle and Mallinson explore the processes of cultural transformation that take place after an object has served its initial purpose. This re-cycling of forms is a means of distilling useful agents; elements approaching redundancy are stripped down, re-formed and re-packaged. The results challenge the cleaner more commercial concerns of some other art forms and celebrate the possibilities of extreme behaviour and belief.

Shaun Doyle and Mally Mallinson live and work in London and Uttoxeter. They have exhibited internationally at institutions including Rude Britannia, Tate Britain; Autumn Exhibitionists, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London and Teenage Kicks – Ca plane pour moi, Galerie Clarke, Montreal. Solo shows include Peristroma Dolorosa, MOT International, London; Return to the Black Forest Ghetto, Galerie Nostheide-Eycke, Dusseldorf, Germany and Ecce Homo Erectus, Venlo Stadhuis, NL . They were shortlisted for the Illy Prize at the Rotterdam Art Fair, 2009 and featured on The Culture Show in 2010. Their work, including earlier solo projects is included in numerous public and private collections including Saatchi Gallery, London and Odapark centrum voor hedendaagse kunst, Venray, NL.