John Dove And Molly White

John Dove, an artist and illustrator who taught drawing at Sutton School of Art in 1965, and Molly White, a textile designer who was also teaching Printed Textiles at Berkshire College of Art, made a career in fashion that instigated the fusion and convergence of music, fashion, art and graphics. Their art was forged on the same silkscreen machines that artists were making prints on; they were inventing print technology not to make small editions to be framed, but to make editions in the thousands for people to wear on the street, at the time their ‘prints’ were made for t-shirts not canvas or paper. 


They have been included in many museum shows including The Whitechapel, The ICA, The Victoria and Albert Museum, 'Snap, Crackle & Pop' 2012 at The Lightbox Museum and ‘Pop Design Culture Fashion’, 2012, Fashion and Textile Museum, London. “The T-shirt is a socialist revolution born out of a product of the capitalist modern world. The T-shirt belongs to everyone – part of a universal language – more personal than a Pop poster, more poignant than a song – from it’s humble beginnings in the novelty genre through the Pop and the Literary to the Illusionary and the Surreal” John Dove and Molly White 2011.