John Dove and Molly White : LIPS The history of a seminal design - from T-shirt to silkscreen prints

Nov 17, 2020 - Ongoing

“Wonder Workshop T-Shirts distilled the flamboyance of the early 70’s. Artists John Dove and Molly White started the label in 1971. Lou Reed, Mick Jagger, Marc Bolan and Paul McCartney were photographed in state of the art shirts like “Pin-up Girls” and “My Baby Loves The Western Movies”. Their hand-printed designs had a major influence on T-Shirt graphics. Sophisticated prints were realised through a pioneering use of photographic screens and photo-montage techniques that produced “Lips” and “Leopardskin Girls” in 1973 while the “Exploding Mickey” T combined skilled draughtsmanship with explosive colours to evoke the

American Dream gone berserk.”


From ‘The T-Shirt Book’ by Alice Hiller and John Gordon, Ebury Press, London 1988