Pablo Genovés

Pablo Genovés creates post apocalyptic scenes with his digital collages. Museums, performance halls and ballrooms become a site of conflict as the artist digitally inserts images of flood-like waters, arid deserts or expanses of rubble. Destruction transgresses the laws of time and establishes its own chronology. The symbols and fictions of Western Culture apparently succumb in the face of the irruption of the untameable, mechanical natures. Historical, chronological and climatic times that are intermixed and superimposed in an alchemical way in order to construct an “other” significance of reality, beyond the appearance, which seeks to expose the unequivocal identity of certain symbols: past and present. So, palaces, libraries or cathedrals, reflections respectively of the power, knowledge and religion of an epoch, are violently invaded by outside elements.


Madrid/Berlin-based artist Pablo Genovés’ ghostly images present scenarios in which the symbolic spaces of culture and power, such as museums, opulent palaces and theaters are exposed and modified by forces of nature. Exhibited throughout Spain, the work of Pablo Genovés has also been shown (individually and collectively) in France, Germany, England, Argentina, Brazil and the USA. His photographs form part of such major national and international collections as the Coca-Cola Foundation, Circa XX, Banco Spirito Santo, Patio Herreriano, CAC Málaga and the Solidarity Museum in Santiago de Chile.